FAQ & Support

Below you will find common answers to a variety of frequently asked questions relating to your interaction with My Study Series. We will continue to add sections below where and when appropriate.

Registration and access

Registration is a two step process requiring you to create your account, then submit a student access code before you can access our content.

How do I register?

As mentioned at the top of the subheading, registration is a two step process. The first thing you need to do is register your email address to create your account. To do this, please visit https://pe.mystudyseries.co.nz/learnpe/ and click on the register link shown below:

Why do I need a student access code?

Your student access code aligns you to your class / group. This allows your teacher to check your progress and respond to any essay questions you submit during the automated quizzing process.

Where do I find my student access code?

After your school has purchased access, your teacher responsible for My Study Series will be provided a range of codes for each group. These will be distributed to the teachers who will be using My Study Series who will then pass them onto the students.

My code is the same as my class mates?

Each class is given the same 8-12 digit code. Each code allows a predetermined number of redemptions before it becomes invalid. For example, if you have 16 students in your class, the code can only be redeemed 16 times.

How do I redeem my code?

The following post provides a video tutorial demonstrating how to redeem your access code: https://pe.mystudyseries.co.nz/2017/01/20/redeeming-your-student-code/


Why can’t I access any videos or quizzes?

This is because access to our content requires the completion of a two step process: registration on the site + redeeming your student access code. See this post for more information: https://pe.mystudyseries.co.nz/2017/01/20/redeeming-your-student-code/.