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Throughout the first half of 2017 we saw 6000 students from over 75 schools log in to access content on My Study Series. At the end of term two we pushed out a survey to students to gain some insight and student feedback, with the hope that we might be able to improve and develop our offerings. While we only had 130 responses, we were very happy to hear how students were using the platform. Below is a brief summary of the key take aways from the survey.

Our first question was pretty self explanatory, with the majority of students responding that My Study Series has been extremely helpful with their understanding of key PE concepts. The ability for students to pause, digest and rewind as they please, really does contribute to this. Students can take much greater ownership of the learning process and are well supported and resourced come assessment time.

The majority of students on My Study Series are accessing the platform at least once a fortnight (77.6%). We hoped this might have been a little higher, particularly around students accessing the site on a weekly basis. Our data shows that students are completing more than one “lesson” per visit, so that could explain the need for students to visit the site less frequently than hoped. One of the best ways to use My Study Series is to have the platform support your repurposed classroom time. Later this year we will be pushing out a staff course focusing on some best practices around using My Study Series in their schools.

While a good percentage have found My Study Series easy to access and use, we are wary of some sign up issues that schools experienced. We are hoping to streamline the process next year for both teachers and students by incorporating two onboarding components that will increase understanding and best practice using the platform. More news on this to come shortly!

The strength of our content is that is a complete, turn key solution that is both targeted and relevant for a New Zealand, NCEA based audience. It removes the need for teachers and students to curate bits and pieces from lots of different content providers. In saying that though, the platform also complements other content providers well with many teachers describing how they pair videos found on YouTube with the targeted content provided here at My Study Series.

One of the best features of My Study Series is the automated self grading quizzes. But it is clear from the responses that some people have experienced issues. The main problem that continues to come up is the “fill-in-the-blank” question type. When creating these questions we have to do our best to anticipate all the variations on “correct” answers that a student could input. Since launch we have added an additional 400 “correct” answers for this question type and will continue to re-visit on a regular basis to add more potential answers.

The transcripts for each video have proved popular. A common feature request we have is subtitles for our videos. This is something we are exploring and hope to have a solution for the 2018 year. It will definitely make things easier when videos are viewed in a group / classroom environment and also appeals to visual learners.

The badging system is a good way to reward learners and incorporate aspects of gamification within the learning platform. However it is not lost on us that a digital badge is simply not a motivator for many students. We do have a new points system that will give some real value to student badges and achievements. This feature is currently in development.

Our leaderboards have been well received for some students but they really do have some functional limitations. We are exploring the development of class and school leaderboards which will allow for some great competition between groups, but this functionality may be beyond our reach at this point in time. We will keep you posted about this feature.

To finish off the post we have included a number of comments students made regarding the platform. Students were honest and thoughtful with their comments and we hope are are able to action some of the many suggestions identified. Keep an eye out for a teacher feedback form soon!

Good way to learn or get extra help when you are not in the classroom – Hannah

The layout could be a bit more easier with headings maybe, but other than that the website is awesome! Helps me so much and is great for learning new concepts! 🙂 – Emmerson

This is a really good resourceful tool to use and it is very helpful. – Emilia

All the information on her has been very helpful for me to achieve my standards!!! – Estelle

It would be great to make it easier to access or give a guide through it at the beginning – Johana

Improvement of the quizzes would be great! And I don’t feel the badging system really works and pushes students to really work hard to earn them. Maybe an updated ranking/leaderboard system in which students can compete for spot prizes for each month or so? – Solomon

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