The following post is the first in a series discussing best practice using My Study Series. Each week over the next few weeks we will be discussing aspects of the platform that when used appropriately, really help boost student engagement, learning and hopefully achievement!

As a teacher using My Study Series, the first thing you want to ask yourself is why are you choosing to use the platform with your students? You could have a number of reasons, but some of the most common responses we are seeing at the moment include:

I want some homework tasks for my students to support their learning in class
My students need support in the classroom
I want to repurpose my classroom time
I want to make my job easier
I want access to targeted video content relating to NCEA PE topics

While My Study Series provides solutions for all of the above, some of those uses demonstrate sound teaching, while others not so sound. My Study Series was designed with good teaching in mind. Anyone can access a video and give it to their students. What My Study Series does well, is provide an opportunity for the students to check their understanding by gaining immediate access to feedback relating to their level of understanding. This is paired with data accessible by you the teacher, informing you of how well your students are progressing and the concepts they understand or are struggling with. This shapes your learning environment!

Because of this we recommend that where possible, you encourage your students to access My Study Series in their own time, where they are free to absorb and digest the video content we provide. Next week we are going to look at how you can prepare your students to make the most of our learning platform.

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  1. My Study series is a quick and easy site I use to help me prepare for my tests. The videos and in depth explanations which gives me a clear understanding. Love this site!

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