If your school has purchased access to My Study Series, they will provide you with a 12 to 20 digit access code required for you to complete your registration. There are a few steps you will need to take first though:

  1. Register account: On the side bar to the right you will see the login widget. At the bottom of that next to the “Log in” button you will see the option to register. You will need to create a user name, add your email address and choose a password. Registration simply links you to the site, it doesn’t provide any sort of access. When you register, please use your correct first and last name. This allows your teacher to check your progress.
  2. Validate your email address: Check the address you provided at registration for the welcome email. This may go to your spam or junk folder, so if it hasn’t appeared after a few minutes, please check there. Once you have received the email, click the validation link at the bottom of the email to reset your password.
  3. Login: Head back to the login widget on the side bar and proceed to login with your new password.
  4. Redeem your code: The final step in the process involves redeeming the code that your teacher has given you. Once you have logged into the account you created, head back to the front page and enter your code in the widget titled “Redeem your student code”. Once this is accepted, you will be placed into your class group and have access to all of the courses for your year level.

Some students are reporting an “invalid code” error. This occurs when a space has been copied in front or behind the code, then pasted into the redemption box. Please ensure you only copy the code.

If you are still not sure what to do, the following video outlines from start to finish what you need to do:

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  1. My Study series is a quick and easy site I use to help me prepare for my tests. The videos and in depth explanations which gives me a clear understanding. Love this site!

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