Getting started with My Study Series

Welcome to My Study Series, the online learning platform by New Zealand PE teachers, for New Zealand PE teachers and their students! We look to provide targeted video content for senior Physical Education standards, paired with automated quizzing and an online badging system to reward learners and increase engagement.

Over the coming weeks, we look forward to welcoming over 250 classes and almost 5000 students onto the platform. Although the platform is very user friendly, we will be looking to provide tutorials, tips and advice on a regular basis. To get you started, it would be worth checking out some of the following posts to begin building your understanding of some of our key features available to both our teachers and learners:

Redeeming your student code.

Automated quizzing.

Revision topics.

Essay questions and how they work.

Using the notes application.

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  1. My Study series is a quick and easy site I use to help me prepare for my tests. The videos and in depth explanations which gives me a clear understanding. Love this site!

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